Want to Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals Today?

If you are looking for a solution to your problem, OPTIFAST is the program for you! This science-based program typically lasts 6-8 months and is worth every step. With counseling that keeps you motivated and feeling healthy, there is no better way to lose weight. OPTIFAST uses a meal replacement strategy that gradually transitions into homemade meals. You will get all the support and education you need to help you in living the life you deserve. We know how you feel which is why we want to encourage you to overcome your goal and live a healthier and happier lifestyle.

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“There was a time when I would walk in the park with my family and had to sit down to make it 3/4 of a mile. My doctor was going to put me on diabetic and heart medicine. Thanks to weight loss with the OPTIFAST program, I no longer needed it!”

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How the Program Works

1. Weight loss Phase: Patients will take the first step in managing their weight which will begin with an entry consultation that will turn into ongoing monitoring throughout this journey. Patients will then begin to start the OPTIFAST diet that comes with full nutrition and meal replacements.

2. Transformation Phase: The program evaluates each individuals health to slowly transition patients back to food that they can prepare themselves while also gaining counseling that will help alter the way you are used to living and eating.

3. Maintenance Phase: Patients are encouraged to attend ongoing consultations to help maintain your weight and healthy living.


Our Program Is Unlike Any Other Weight Loss Program

Join our community and expect the progress you have been searching for.


Do you want to change your life today with Optifast?

  • Long-Term Weight Management
  • Multi-disciplinary Approach
  • Weekly Slim Shot
  • Medically Monitored
  • Lifestyle & Nutrition Implementation
  • Improvement in Overall Health
  • Full Meal Replacements
  • & More!

Online Access To: 

  • Expert advice from nutrition specialists
  • Psychologists for strategies to make long-lasting changes
  • Fitness instructors; classes (nutrition, behavioral health, and fitness)
  • Support groups (live/online)
  • A media library with on-demand videos
  • Recipes & meal plans
  • Recorded 1:1 nutrition appts; unlimited private messaging
  • Food Diary Log
  • Access to e-store for the purchase of products for home delivery